Tra Firenze e le Cinque Terre

VILLA LA PRINCIPESSA - VIA NUOVA PER PISA - 1616/G - 55100 (LUCCA) FRAZIONE MASSA PISANA TUSCANY - TEL + 39 0583 370963 - FAX + 39 0583 371784

Hotel Villa La Principessa - Lucca

Hotel Villa La Principessa - Lucca

Hotel Villa La Principessa - Lucca

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Tourist Activities - CINQUETERRE


The village of Monterosso has a medieval civic centre larger than the other villages of the 5 Terre and a modern residential district, which stretches along the beach, on the coast. The historical origin of this village dates back to 643, when populations of the hills, fleeing the barbarian invasions, settled by the sea.

It's the 5 Terre centre that more has retained the look of a sea village, with its comfortable and safe natural harbor and a marine tradition known since antiquity.

It differs from the other villages of the Cinque Terre as is not directly facing the sea but raises on top of a hill a hundred feet high, surrounded on three sides by vineyards and terraces and on the fourth side overlooking the sea.

Perched on a craggy promontory of dark rock, with its small port enclosed by two rocky spurs, Manarola is the second village of the 5 Terre. Its origins are even older than those of Rio Maggiore, since it was founded by the inhabitants of the settlement, maybe Roman, of Volastra.

The first village encountered starting from La Spezia is Rio Maggiore. Developed vertically, the village is crossed by stairs and steps among the houses leaning against each other and painted with typical Ligurian colors. The building material is local: stones, slate for roofs, plaster yellow or pink painted for the facades

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Hotel Villa La Principessa Lucca between Cinque Terre and Tuscany