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VILLA LA PRINCIPESSA - VIA NUOVA PER PISA - 1616/G - 55100 (LUCCA) FRAZIONE MASSA PISANA TUSCANY - TEL + 39 0583 370963 - FAX + 39 0583 371784

Hotel Villa La Principessa - Lucca

Hotel Villa La Principessa - Lucca

Hotel Villa La Principessa - Lucca

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Halls and Lounges


In common areas around the elegant main hall formerly known as "salone delle Feste della Principessa", you will find several smaller rooms where to relax enjoying a good cocktail or sipping a rum or whiskey of the highest quality.

From this year there is also the tea menu, extremely appreciated by our guests.

Il Salone delle Feste della Principessa (The Ballroom of the Princess)
Throughout history, the ballroom earns the frieze to be one of Lucchesi noble salons. The hall has hosted important events before the large fireplace. Today hosts magnificent weddings during the winter. The hall has also hosted many banquets during international events created at Villa La Principessa.

La sala Verde(The Green Room)
Natural boundary from which access to the back of the awesome garden, it is around the main hall. Even today hosts cultural and music events. It is also the place where our guests love to read a book while sipping a cup of tea or enjoy a good whiskey. In the room is also located our American Bar all made of solid wood and soberly decorated. The piano and comfortable lounges complete the all decor.

La sala degli Stemmi (The Hall of Emblems)
In this pleasant and slightly secluded lounge, heraldry is the absolute master; walls decorated with beautiful fabrics are completely adorned with original pictures of coats of arms of most famous families of Lucca. This is the ideal place to meet partners to sign important business contracts and relationships.

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