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VILLA LA PRINCIPESSA - VIA NUOVA PER PISA - 1616/G - 55100 (LUCCA) FRAZIONE MASSA PISANA TUSCANY - TEL + 39 0583 370963 - FAX + 39 0583 371784

Hotel Villa La Principessa - Lucca

Hotel Villa La Principessa - Lucca

Hotel Villa La Principessa - Lucca

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Tourist Activities - PISA

Pisa is a Tuscany town of 87,696 inhabitants and the capital of the homonymous province.
According to legend, was founded by the mythical Trojan refugees from the Greek city of Pisa, situated in the valley of the river Alpheus, in the Peloponnese. Among the most important monuments of the city there is - in the famous Piazza del Duomo, World Heritage - the marble Cathedral built between 1063 and 1118 in the Pisan Romanesque style, with the bronze door of San Ranieri of Bonanno Pisano and the pulpit by Giovanni Pisano.
In the square stands the characteristic leaning tower of the twelfth century, 56 meters high, which acquired its characteristic tilt ten years after the beginning of its construction, now one of the world most famous Italian monuments.
Note the presence of at least three leaning towers: one, the best known – as said before - in Piazza del Duomo; the second consisting of the church tower of St. Nicola, at the opposite end of Via Santa Maria, near the Lungarno; the third, half way through the avenue of Piagge, is the steeple of the church of San Michele degli Scalzi (in this case the church too is pending). Pisa hosts the most important airport in the Region, the "Galileo Galilei”, with direct intercontinental flights, and is home to three of the most important universities in Italy: the University of Pisa, the Scuola Normale Superiore,the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna and several research institutes.

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Villa Principessa Hotel near Pisa