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VILLA LA PRINCIPESSA - VIA NUOVA PER PISA - 1616/G - 55100 (LUCCA) FRAZIONE MASSA PISANA TUSCANY - TEL + 39 0583 370963 - FAX + 39 0583 371784

Hotel Villa La Principessa - Lucca

Hotel Villa La Principessa - Lucca

Hotel Villa La Principessa - Lucca

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Tourist Activities - MONTECARLO di Lucca

Montecarlo di Lucca is under the Province of Lucca and its territory has an area of 1559 hectares and a population of about 4335 inhabitants. The historic center, well preserved and still surrounded by the beautiful city walls, stands on an isolated hill at a height of m. 163 s.l.m. The municipal area is made up of agglomerations historically recognized by the Community of which the most significant are: Capoluogo, Fornace, Gossi, Luciani, Micheloni, San Giuseppe, San Piero, San Salvatore e Turchetto. The village of Montecarlo, situated on the crest of the ridge that separates the Valdinievole from the Plain of Lucca, was built in 1333 to collect - by the fortress of Cerruglio - the inhabitants of Vivinaia, destroyed by the Florentines in 1331. The village was named in honor of Prince Charles (Carlo) son of King John of Bohemia, liberator of Lucca from the occupation of Pisa. The prince, become Emperor Charles IV, came many times to Montecarlo for the fortification of the fortress that became a strategic garrison in the wars fought in the fourteenth century between Lucca, Pisa and Florence.

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Montecarlo di Lucca Wine and Oil Road of hills of Lucca